The Minnesota 8

"Resisting Illegitimate Authority!"

1970's Selective Service draft board raiders

Using lessons from the past to respond
to peacemaking needs of today!

2010: This site supported the play, "Peace Crimes" (2008). It remains here for historical and research purposes.




Theatrical play

"Peace Crimes:
the Minnesota 8
vs. the war"

Who are the
Minnesota 8?

Then & Now


Still Resist!ing and committing "Peace Crimes":


Nonviolent Peaceforce


"Their passion and hearing their stories makes you really want to do the show," Jasmine Rush, a junior and a theater major, ensemble actor.

"Peace Crimes: the Minnesota 8 vs. the war"
a docudrama theatrical play
by Doris Baizley

Premiered winter of 2008 at Rarig Center, University of Minnesota

"The reason we're doing this play is that it's about peace, protest and patriotism. There is a price you pay for speaking out. It's surprising how much we haven't learned about the past....This one sparks really angry discussion on both sides. It feels like one of the more important things we've done."
Ron Peluso, History Theatre and play's director
cited by Graydon Royce, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The plot is takes the audience through tumultuous events that are still relevant today." Lisa Peterson De La Cueva, Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Collaboratively commissioned and produced by History Theatre, U of Minnesota's Theatre Department and The Playwright Center.


Ideal for collegiate theatre company


Background on "Minnesota 8" - a pdf file

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Streaming video:
Watch a public TV documentary, "Peace Crimes: Backstage"


Listen to radio interviews.


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